It’s renewal time!! If you no longer wish to be a member, please return you key so that we can let new members enjoy the range. If you don’t return your key, you will not be allowed to be a member in the future. As of August 1st, we will know how many available spots we have. We will post the application and waiver on August 1st. It will be first come, first serve.

Avenal Gun Club was established in 1955 and is located in California’s central valley. We are a private club that is open to membership only.  We offer just about everything you could ever want in a shooting range: .22, pistol, trap, archery, high power and long range shooting to 900yds. We pride ourselves on the wide variety of range types and distances we offer.

Check out our calendar for upcoming events and changes. CLICK ON THE COLORED EVENT ON THE DATE YOU WANT TO GO, TO SEE THE AFFECTED RANGES!!

Long Range Match Program 2016

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“For all ranges we provide steel silhouettes. Steel swingers on pistol and 22 range. You may bring your own paper or steel targets.”

  • Pistol: 5yd – 25yd (Metallic Silhouettes Onsite)
  • Sight In range 1: 25yd – 100yd
  • High Power range 2: 200m – 500m (Metallic Silhouettes Onsite)
  • Long range 3: 600yd – 900yd (Metallic Silhouettes Onsite)
  • .22: 44m – 100m (Metallic Spinner Targets Onsite)
  • Trap
  • Archery 10yd-100yd

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